what their needs are. Who do they want to reach? What's the intended message? Then, I craft clear, concise content that helps them reach their audience.

Email me at DebbieMiller53@gmail.com or call 718-207-7981 to discuss your project.

    ​​Debbie L. Miller, Brooklyn Freelance Writer

I like solving problems and helping businesses put their messages out into the world. I create compelling content that hooks and informs readers. I start by building a relationship with my client and I find out  

As an experienced freelance writer, I've written on a variety of subjects, including healthcare, storytelling, wellness, pets, safety, and theater. I excel at fact checking, interviewing, and capturing the story behind the content. I write compelling stories in a variety of formats: feature articles, news articles, press releases, ad copy, profiles, dialogues. I've recently added case study and white paper writing to my skill set. 

          If you'd like to see samples of my work, click here: Writing Samples.